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CIF: A-16204372 

Telf. +34 967 139 022
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16660 Las Pedroņeras
Cuenca (Espaņa)


ŋSabia que...?

Durante la II Guerra Mundial se repartía entre los soldados para que tuvieran un remedio contra las heridas.


La Sociedad Agroalimentaria Pedroņeras S.A. was founded in 2000. It is situated in Las Pedroņeras (Cuenca), a small village known as the International Capital of garlic because it is the major producer of PURPLE GARLIC, which is considered by experts, the most aromatic and the best flavoured garlic of the world.

SAPESA is making the most of this location and created a wide range of new products such as peeled cloves of fresh garlic, garlic in paste, sliced and chopped. All made with the best ever Purple Garlic.

We offer a wide choice of sauces and condiments made with 100% natural and high-quality ingredients which are selected and processed at prime stage of maturity when they have their best texture. Our products will make your cooking easier ant tastier. It caters to busy people who lack the time to cook, hotel and catering businesses and food industry.

We use a wide variety of exotic and exiting ingredients: aromatic herbs, green and red peppers, wine vinegar, fresh purple garlic, salt, grapefruits, shallots, onions, vintage wine, extra virgin olive oil...


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